Aviation Observation Bench

Oirschotsedijk, Eindhoven

Unique perspectives on aviation and surroundings

The landscape artwork sits precisely at the intersection of the Green Corridor and the flight path of Eindhoven Airport. Serving as a space for reflection on our inclination to travel long distances, despite the richness of our own landscapes, it also marks the entrance to the (future) BIC campus.

The Aviation Observation Bench seamlessly transitions from a sitting bench to a reclining one and back again, allowing for various sitting and lying positions and offering diverse perspectives of the surroundings. Passersby can pause here to study the landscape, and every ten minutes, they can experience the sound wave of a low-flying aircraft passing overhead. Within the protective circle, nature is free to flourish.

Constructed from nearly 1,500 beams of recycled plastic, the bench bears the names of sponsors who contributed to its creation, along with funding from the Brainport Eindhoven Region Deal.

Video: lnkd.in


ir. Marco Vermeulen, ir. Joyce Langezaal, ir. Wout Kruijer, ir. Bram Willemse

in cooperation with
Municipality of Eindhoven

Realized in collaboration with the following partners:
Verberne Projecten - Construction
Lankhorst Plastics - Material Sponsorship
Strukton Zuid Civiel - Sponsorship and Foundation Construction


next project:
Biesbosch Museum Island
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